This blog is intended to be an international conversation about our neighborhoods. What makes a neighborhood? How are we defined by the places where we once lived, where we live now? What would others see if they had a glimpse of our neighborhoods? At the State University of New York at Fredonia, we started to ask ourselves these questions, and we wanted to post our descriptions and invite others to do the same. We are hoping for an album of neighborhood images and descriptions--and plenty of opportunities for questions, dialogues, and musing.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

West Henrietta, New York

If you continue down this street you will find three different horse farms, four corn fields and miles of trails for walking or four wheeling. With the closest store around the corner, it is about 15 minutes to any point of interest. Many people who live around me dont go out much and usually find there own form of entertainment by four wheeling, farming, snow mobiling and many other things. The people in my neighborhood are not what you would call a close knit community but we do socialize. Even though not all of us talk to one another we all know who the other is. Its a small part of a town outside of large city so it is hidden within the cities shadow. Many people around my town know about the town of Henrietta and main parts of it but not many drive through West Henrietta. We have 2 main intersections on the same street and once you drive passed those it is almost all farmland. While i am guilty of complaining that i have nothing to do when i am home i would not want to live any where else.


  1. It is the same where I live when it come to neighbors. We all live close, but were not exactly a close knit.

  2. Your neighborhood sounds similar to mine. I live here in Fredonia, but there isn't much else besides farmland.

  3. Yeah same with mine lol. We all are very close, we all know who we are but we aren't all that close. But, I couldn't live it a small town with nature surrounding me. I like the city life!! Lol...I would defiantly love to visit though!