This blog is intended to be an international conversation about our neighborhoods. What makes a neighborhood? How are we defined by the places where we once lived, where we live now? What would others see if they had a glimpse of our neighborhoods? At the State University of New York at Fredonia, we started to ask ourselves these questions, and we wanted to post our descriptions and invite others to do the same. We are hoping for an album of neighborhood images and descriptions--and plenty of opportunities for questions, dialogues, and musing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Talos Way, Rochester, NY

I grew up on Talos Way in Rochester, NY. Rochester is a very suburban area. It's both calming and relaxing. My nieghborhood is located right next to an elementary school. Paul Road Elementary is where I attended. Talos Way is a wide circle of twp-story houses with beautiful green lawns. When the winter comes, the houses are bright and snow covered. It looks pretty amazing with all of the colorful Christmas lights. Nearly every family, if not all, decorate their house. My neighborhood is very family-friendly. I have known my neighbors Bob and Rita for years. They are both deaf and a little mute, so communication is hard, but sign language is definately useful when talking to them. Even with the language barrier, they're still very nice people and from a young age, they always let us play with the black lab, Candy. There are frequently families walking around our block. Whether they're just taking a leisurely walk, pushing a stroller, or with their kids on their bikes, everyone always has a good time. Kids have always been playing in outside throughout the neighborhood. I used to play with my neighbors, Ryan and Chris Quinn, Shawna Smith, Anthony Larocca and others. We would play in the Quinn's treehouse, on my sister's and my playset, in my pool, or just play tag throughout the whole neighborhood. There's no fencing in any yard and it's very open to play in. At the same time, my neighborhood is safe and comforting because it's not that big and it's just one circle. My neighborhood is beautiful and fun and I wouldn't have lived anywhere else. I really do love it.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful neighborhood! Like one you would see on TV. This is the type of neighborhood I would love to live in!

  2. Hi
    This neighborhood sounds very interesting!!! I love the picture of that house.