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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Neighbor

In China, there is an old saying "A near neighbour is better than a distant relative", which means neighbour sometimes could help us a lot.
When I was a child, I always can't find my door key when I came back from school. And usually at that time ,there was no one at home, which means I should stay out. My neighbours always kindly invited me to stay at their homes to wait my parents back from work.
In our country, we can meet our neighbour almost every day. We will know what happened at neighbour's homes. We care about others and would love to help each other. That make our relationship very close.


  1. Hi Tony, I loved how you reflected on your neighbors being so kind and letting you in when you forgot your door key. That happened to me a couple of times. I would forget my key and my neighbor would stick her head out of the window and say "come up to my house". Were you ever scared into going into someone else's home though? How did you feel? I was at first until I felt comfortable.

  2. Hey Tony! I loved your post, because I come from a similar community, my neighbors are so friendly and always welcome me into their homes. It's such a great feeling to love your neighbors. It makes your community that much more special. Do you and your neighbors have a lot in common?

  3. I can relate to the old saying! My neighbors have helped me out many times during the years i have lived next to them. Neighbors are such a good thing to have around, I even consider my neighbors distant relatives.